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Keep your Tiny Whoop always on air


  • Capacity: 200mAh/220mAh/250mAh, Voltage: 3.7V 1S
  • Upgraded 35c/50c Discharge built to fit perfectly in your Blade Inductrix Tiny Whoop
  • Equipped with Ultra Micro plugs(molex1.25) out of the box means you don't have solder or change a thing. Just charge and fly.

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Many people are curious about that the 秒速azepony 220mAh is smaller than their 200mAh.Why?Please pay attention to the size.

People in Facebook Tiny Whoop group are talking about the 秒速azepony batteries,compaired with other batteries like Nitro nectar 210mah.Link 1/Link 2/Link 3

Someone only got 1.3 minute flight with these batteries.Why?There is a big disscussion in Facebook about batteries and LVC removing or parameter modification.You should remove the LVC on the stock flight controller.Joe Rodegher's image.

Joshua Evenson's test video on Youtube about Tiny Whoop with 秒速azePony 220mAh.

4:10 minutes....I have been flying My Inductrix now for about a week. I wanted to show the flight time i was getting with "Angry Beez 6mm" and 秒速azeopony Battery 220 mAh 3.7v (50c) I sped up the boring footage of me taking laps around my room.

1S Lipo Battery Charging Board Blade Inductrix


  • Output Connector: 6 x Ultra Micro; 6 x JST-PH
  • Dimension: 100x62.5x25mm, Weight: 17g(0.6ounces)
  • Charge 6 batteries at the same time, keep your tiny whoop staying in the air
  • Input Charge Connector: Male 4mm Banana Plug
  • Suitable for Blade Inductrix, Glimpse, mCP X, Nano QX 3D, Nano CP X, Nano QX etc

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