Things to do in Seychelles Other Than Lie on the Beach





For 10 Euros you can rent a bike for the day and cover a lot of ground. If you are an adventurer type of tourist you can discover the island for yourself, this sounds like a grand idea.



Fresh coconut water is high in B vitamins, proteins and ascorbic acid. A quick drink when feeling drained and depleted will help you get right back up on your feet. It’s also a great treatment for sunstroke, stomach ache.



You will get some of the most amazing views you’ll get the best views of not only the island you’re on, but also the other islands that make up some of the archipelago. Remember to take lots of water and comfy shoes though!


Explore Market

Due to its rich cultural background, the Seychelles is a shopper’s paradise if you are looking for indigenous souvenirs and authentic artifacts. Of course the best place to shop is the capital of Victoria on Mahé Island. Some of the specialty shops on Mahe Island deal with locally-made products such as tea and perfume. You will find the flavour and aroma of these products absolutely unique. However, the most well-known specialty shop in the entire Seychelles is Kenwyn House. This structure has considerable historical significance besides being a gem house. The Island of Mahe has the best markets in the Seychelles, such as Sir Selwyn Clarke Market – a lively place where you can buy fresh vegetables, fruit, spices, and fish. The Sir Selwyn Clarke Market area also consists of numerous little gift shops.


Shower in Waterfall

The waterfalls in Seychelles are known to the locals and a few have been advertised as a ‘must-see’ when visiting the Indian Ocean archipelago. When you visit the islands, go see these natural beauties: (Here is the list of all the amazing waterfalls you can visit)


Dive in with whale sharks

Seychelles is one of the best places in the world to dive with whale sharks so why would you want to pass up this opportunity?



Snorkeling is possible almost everywhere and you can see some amazing things just under the surface including green sea turtles, giant sting rays, moray eels, scorpion fish, parrot fish and lion fish! Temperatures are a barmy 25-29 degrees centigrade and visibility is up to 30m, happy days! (Here is a list of some of amazing snorkeling places in Seychelles)



There is a clock tower in the city center of Victoria known as “Little Big Ben”. Situated on the main crossroad in the middle of town its easy to spot


Natural History Museum

Home to an impressive collection of shells, corals and coco de mer, one extraordinary display being the Giant clam shell from Aldabra. The museum is housed in the Carnegie building which dates back to the 1964.


Aside from just a quick way to island-hop, helicopter flights are a great way to see the Seychelles footprint spanning out across 450+ sq km of the Indian Ocean – although it may cost you a bag full of Seychellois rupee! Still, what a way to top off a couple of weeks…

Boarding a helicopter is as easy as getting to the International Airport on Mahe and most islands have helipads if you are keen to touch down and explore.


Horse Riding

Foot paths and Nature trails, many leading to secret waterfalls or rock outcrops that open out to panoramic 180 degree views of the Seychelles islands.

Horse Riding is exactly the slow pace of transportation you need to lead you to some of the most heavenly places in Seychelles. In no other mode of transportation are you more open to absorb the elements, flora and fauna of Seychelles, as when you are on Horse back.

On the island of Mahe, the Utagangar Riding Centre provides horse riding facilities for visitors to the Seychelles.

The only one of its kind, the centre offers scenic rides and hacks along the beautiful coastline, passing through tropical forests, mangroves and cinnamon forests with their Arab horses. Sunset rides and picnics can also be arranged.


Explore shipwreck

Navigating the Seychelles Islands has been a nightmare for mariners since vessels travelled here. The shallow waters and abundant coral reefs have meant there are many shipwrecks to explore for divers. The most spectacular wreck and very popular with divers is the Ennerdale which is about 30M deep. This 47,000 ton tanker sunk 8 miles north-east of Victoria in June, 1970. This wreck is now home to a sizable population of groupers.


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18 thoughts on “Things to do in Seychelles Other Than Lie on the Beach”

  1. I didn’t know where Seychelles was, but now I know I need to visit! I love relaxing on the beach, but also love being active and exploring when I visit new cities. It looks like there is certainly plenty to do!

    1. Seychelles is in Africa. One of the most beautiful and luxurious place in the world. I am sure you will love your visit there 🙂

  2. This is a perfect list for a mountain head kind of person like me 😉 I like beaches but can’t surround entire trip around them. I love the markets, and the waterfall – that’s so so beautiful. That little big ben is marvelous.

    1. I am the same Shibani can’t just sit on the beach. This is one of the reason I loved Seychelles the views are great, the markets are cool 🙂

  3. Nice blog. I had always seen Seychelles as a destination where I would just laze around. This blog educated me with what all I can do without tiring myself too much. Cycling along the beach appeals to me. One or two dive also never made any one tired. Would love to give it a shot.

  4. That is awesome. Lying on the beach doesn’t give anybody so much traveling experience rather traveling in and around gives immense happiness as well as some good memories.
    SHOWER IN WATERFALL and cycling on the beach – I really like to do but never get such chance till now.

  5. Wow! I’ve always wanted to go to the Seychelles and this only makes me want to go more. There is absolutely nothing better than sipping coconut juice out of a fresh coconut! Sea diving also looks like an unreal experience!

  6. For me Seychelles is a place where people go to lie down on a beach. Your post really explored those parts which I never knew. That waterfall is so stunning and I would really like to go under it. Helicopter ride is also worth. Horse ride on beach must be fun and adventure. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I never knew Seychelles has some major shipwrecks on its seabed. I feel like exploring them right now. Also, thanks for letting us know about the markets at Mahe! I have taken down notes! 🙂

  8. Seychelles has been one of my dream destinations for years! Those photos are beautiful, especially of the beaches. Can’t wait to go someday–and I’ll definitely ride a horse on the beach when I do.

  9. The Seychelles looks like an amazing place to visit! I never heard of this place before, wow. If I had to choose three of all the activities mentioned above it would be horse back riding, exploring the market and the cycling. I would not do the diving in the sea haha not an option. But for those that aren’t scared of the ocean looks pretty dope! Thank you for sharing. Safe travels! – Mariella

  10. The helicopter ride sounds so cool. Also, checking out waterfalls would be something I could see myself adding to my itinerary. There is nothing better than enjoying nature’s own shower! You’re making me want to go on a tropical vacation with this post.

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