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Best Places To Eat in Istanbul

Best Places To Eat in Istanbul
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November 13, 2018, 1:56 am

Turkish cuisine is very famous worldwide. Istanbul is a blend of a lot of cultures and this has influenced the affect on the food. Istanbul is a gold mine of culinary variety, dining at the city’s famous restaurants can leave a hole in your wallet.  Best Places to Eat in Istanbul

Best Places to Eat in Turkey

There are good eateries in the vicinity of Istanbul's Taksim Square. Istiklal street runs from Taksim Square and goes all the way to Galata Tower. It is a big pedestrian market that includes all kind of food, turkish delights, sweets, restaurants, music and coffee shops. You can find almost all kind of quality street food such as stuffed mussels, simits, and pilaf right up to some of the best restaurants in Istanbul.

Best Places to Eat in Turkey

While in Istanbul you should forget about the international food chains and experience the real Turkish food. There are so many different dishes to choose it will be hard for you to decide where to start from?

Best Places to Eat in Turkey

Near the Ortaköy Mosque there is open street market, where you will find a lot of people selling Kumpir. Kumpir is Turkish name of potato. You will find Kumpir in a lot of places in Istanbul, but the Ortaköy Kumpir is very famous. Kumpir is served as a take away food. It is served in a small plastic box with disposable spoon. It is a big potato with various fillings like corn, green olives, black olives, different types of cheese, sour cream and a lot more.

Best Places to Eat in Turkey

Dürümce is another fine dining restaurant located in Beşiktaş near Ortaköy We tried a mixed special platter made just for us (blessings of having a Turkish friend :D). You can find the restaurant menu here: Dürümce.

Best Places to Eat in Turkey

We tried the famous Okra Çorbası (Lady Finger soup) at Konyali Usta. Then we tried Billuriye as dessert.

Best Places to Eat in Turkey

Kırçiçeği  is open 24 hours a day. It provides outstanding Turkish food.

Best Places to Eat in Turkey

Simit Sarayi is a restaurant chain in Istanbul. They have a variety of baked goods, pastries, and other Turkish snacks, sweet and savory.  The restaurant at Taksim Square is at perfect location. It has big plate glass windows on the second floor that gives you amazing views of the Istiklal street and Taksim Square.

You will find a wide variety of Borek in Simit Sarayi. We tried the spinach and potato borek along with nice cup of Turkish Coffee.

Best Places to Eat in Turkey

Kasap Döner is a Turkish fast food chain famous for its doner but we happened to try their burger instead of doner. Their cheese burger was really amazing.

Best Places to Eat in Turkey

Konak kebap is another Turkish restaurant food chain that offers tasty. Their food representation and quality is amazing. 

Best Places to Eat in Turkey

Ayran is cold yogurt-based beverage mixed with salt. It is popular in Turkey. Turkish people prefer Ayran over soft drinks with their meal.

Beton Helva was a very sweet and tasty Turkish Helva that we were given daily in breakfast buffet.

Emek Mantı Evi is located in the upmarket Bosphorus neighborhood of Yeniköy and specializes in the traditional Turkish home cooking classic of mantı. Manti is Turkish Dumpling.

Best Places to Eat in Turkey

Besides Turkish food we also tried some of the fast food chains as the Turkish meat taste was amazing and very tender. We loved MC Donald’s, Burger King, Arby’s. Popeye’s was also good. We didn’t like KFC much though.

Best Places to Eat in Turkey

Our friend also took us to Şile where the two rivers Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea meet. We tried the best sea food there. We had the famous and tastiest black sea fish, with some see weeds, octopus, squids and Turkish Raki.

Best Places to Eat in Turkey

Bosphours Cruise also offers great sea food buffet along with amazing views of the city Istanbul.

Derviş cafe in Sultanahmet was our favourite spot for quality breakfast and amazing view of Blue Mosque. It is located right infront of the Blue Mosque. They serve the best Cappuccino in whole Istanbul.

Best Places to Eat in Turkey

Not to be missed Turkish Künefe was the most tastiest sweet dish we ever tried.

Best Places to Eat in Turkey

Best Places to Eat in Turkey

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  1. Olivia

    Amazing! I’ve wanted to go to Istanbul since doing a research paper on it in university! Drool worthy!

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    I absolutely love Turkish food! And what a collection of great restauraunts throughout Istanbul! Do you have any recipes to share?

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    This is such a mouth watering post. I surely want to visit Istanbul someday.

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    Turkish food is just so tasty! Absolutely looove it 🙂 am hungry now!!!

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    the lady finger soup looks so fun! I would love to eat my way around Istanbul – I am so hungry looking at this!

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    I think Turkish food is slowly becoming my favorite, although I have never been there. There are Turkish restaurants where i live, and they are really good. Want to go to Turkey so badly.

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    All this food looks delicious!! Turkish food looks great 😀

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    All this dishes looks so delicious and tasty. I have always wanted to visit Istabul and try its food someday. Hope to di that soon 🙂

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