North Cyprus

Northern Cyprus

Cyprus, officially the Republic of Cyprus, is an island country in the Eastern Mediterranean and the third largest and third most populous island in the Mediterranean

Kyrenia also known as Girne is a city located in North of CyprusNicosia is capital of Cyprus. Cyprus is a historical island. It is  full of culture that spans 10000 years. It is one of the oldest civilization place in the Mediterranean. There are many fascinating cultural sights, museums, monuments and galleries sited in Cyprus.


It is situated at the crossroads of three continents EuropeAsia and Africa. Turkey is located in the South, Syria and Lebanon in the West, Egypt in North and Greece in South East.

Cyprus is a major tourist destination in Mediterranean.

Cyprus is partitioned between Turkey and Greece. Northern Cyprus is also known as Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.  The South of Cyprus is know as Greek Cyprus. 

The official language of North Cyprus is Turkish and its currency is Turkish Lira (TRY). The North and South of Cyprus is partitioned by a border. Greek, Turkish or Arabic is the language used in the Greek Cyprus and its currency is Euro (EUR).


Ercan International Airport is the main airport. It is located in North of Nicosia, near the village of Kirklar.

North Cyprus

Kyrenia also known as Girne is located in the North Cyprus.  Kyrenia is perfect holiday destination for those who are looking for a relaxing break to get away from daily routine.

Kyrenia has a lot of  historicalnatural and cultural places which will never let you get bored.  It's climate is Mediterranean, it is surrounded by the sea at one side and the five fingers mountain range on the other.  There are lots of hotels, sandy beaches, and excellent activities to enjoy in this city. This city is home to a wide range of flora and fauna including many different varieties of orchids.

It is perfect for hill walking and scenic tours.  There are a number of castles in and around Kyrenia and the harbour itself is overlooked by Kyrenia castle.  This castle is also home to the famous shipwreck museum where you can view the wreckage of ancient ships.

There are lots of neighboring villages which also show some excellent sights.  Esentepe is famous for its historic buildings, Ozankoy is famous for its spectacular plants. Lapta is a coastal town that has some of the best fresh water springs.

The locals in Kyrenia are extremely friendly and welcoming. There are a lot of shops, cafes and bars found near the harbour.

North Cyprus

Girne is an easy city to navigate city – the main city can be approached from the motorway which ends in a central roundabout, next to Belediye Meydani and a large car park.

There are two main streets that come from this roundabout, the city’s two main streets head east and west.

Apart from the harbour and the castle, there’s a lot more things hidden away in Girne steep alleys. The Anglican Church, the Cafer Paşa Camii, the Ottoman Cemetery and the Chrysopolitissa Church bring spirtual life to the town.

There is a tiny Folk Art Museum and Icon Museum that depicts the cultural life of the city. attest to the spiritual life of the town, the tiny Folk Art Museum and Icon Museum to its cultural life.

North Cyprus

Kyrenia castle, located at the old harbour. Kyrenia castle was built in 16th-century by the Venetians over a previous Crusader fortification.

North Cyprus

There are numerous cafés and restaurants in Girne that offer a wide variety of food.


North Cyprus


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  1. This is awesome! My brother lived here for years and I was very jealous of all the photos he posted.

  2. I went to college with friends who were from Cyprus. I would enjoy seeing the island one day. Kyrenia looks wonderful with all of the fantastic hiking, castles, and orchids to see.

  3. I’ve heard lots about the sad history of Cyprus remaining as a segregated state between the Turkish Republic and the Republic of Cyprus. Definitely sounds like a fantastic place to visit.

  4. Am thinking of going this summer! It seems to be just my type of island with some chilling and yet so much to do!

  5. paulandcarolelovetotravel

    We have only visited the south so thanks for introducing us to the North!

  6. Cyprus looks absolutely beautiful in all the photos I’ve seen, including yours! I can’t wait to visit!

  7. My Dad has huge problems with his phone company and bank thinking his card was stolen when he went into Northern Cyprus, but he said it was worth it. It looks so beautiful

  8. Do you know, is it easy to cross the boarder between Greek and Turkish parts? I have been to Greek part and it is easier to fly there, but I want to see Turkish part as well.

    1. Yes Alexander, For most of the nationalities the Northern Cyprus visa is provided on arrival. If you are planning to travel by land you would have to cross a border through passport control. Hope that would be helpful 🙂

  9. I’ve never really considered traveling to Cyprus for some reason. It looks amazing though, maybe I should reconsider. Great Post 🙂

  10. Great post, thank you for sharing the information. Great photos, we have this country HIGH on the list!

  11. I would love to visit Cyprus some day. It reminds me of Malta for some landscapes and sceneries but it has its own charms for sure.

  12. Kyrenia seems beautiful place. I always love to explore such places full of history and culture. The Kyrenia castle looks stunning. Would love to explore someday.

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