Bali Romantic Island

It is located in Indonesia it is an island. Bali romantic Island in the world because of it’s breath taking views of volcanoes, mountains, rice paddies, beaches and coral reefs.

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Southern Bali

Bali has so many amazing religious sites to visit. Some of it’s most famous sites are cliffside Uluwatu Temple, the beachside city of Kuta, Seminyak, Sanur and Nusa Dua.

Uluwatu Temple is famous for its location as it is located on the top of a steep cliff which is approximately 70 meters above sea level.

 Bali Romantic Island

Kuta is in south of Bali. It is a beach and resort area. Kuta is famous for night life. It has party centric atmosphere. It is a very popular surf spot.

Bali Romantic Island

Seminyak is a beach resort area located in the Southern Bali. Seminyak has many luxurious hotels, shopping centers, villas and spas. Some of the most amazing sunsets can be seen from the Seminyak and Petitenget beaches.

Bali Romantic Island

Sanur is a seaside town located in South as well. The beach in this area is very shallow and long. You will see a lot of colorful fishing boats in this area.

Bali Romantic Island

North Bali

Buleleng district is in the North of Bali. Buleleng, is separated from rest of the Bali by mountains. North of Bali is also called the other side of Bali because of this mountainous wall.  Singaraja is the main town in this district.

Singaraja is the largest city of Bali. Lovina beach, Banjar Gitgit, Sembiran, Sangsit, Air Sanih, Sangsit, Pemuteran, Menjangan and Seririt are some of the most famous places in the north of Bali. You can reach North Bali easily from South with a 3 hour drive approximately.

Bali Romantic Island

Lovina beach is known for secluded beach. If you are planning for a secluded beach resort vacation, Lovina is the best place to be. Lovina beach is really famous for the dolphins that visit the coast every morning at sun rise.

Bali Romantic Island

The Royal Palace of Singaraja, is most popular destination for tourists in the North of visiting North Bali.

Banjar is famous for it’s hot springs ‘Air Panas’ located in a beautiful tropical garden in the mid of jungle. The temperature of water is around 37 degree Celcius.

Bali Romantic Island

Menjangan and Pemuteran are located in the northwest of Buleleng. Snorkeling and sea diving are famous in Menjangan. Menjangan is famous for it’s crystal clear water with colorful coral gardens. Pulaki temple is close to Pemuteran which is famous for monkeys colony who live there.

Bali Romantic Island

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Bali Romantic Island

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  1. Bali sounds amazing! The photos are beautiful. I would love to visit there one day.

  2. Bali is such a wonderful place, I have enjoyed it a lot!


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  5. Thanks for the recommendations. I think North Bali is not as visited by tourists, so it’s good to see activities one can do there.

  6. Such great destinations within Bali, so much to experience! Bali is beautiful and so full of tradition, culture and parties!

  7. Bali is a great place. Loved the culture and architecture there. Not to mentioned, the beautiful beaches.

  8. Bali has it all …. the waterfalls, mountains, rice terraces, beaches and temples. We would love to go back to Bali and explore more of the North. The secluded Lovina beach sounds amazing and seeing the dolphins at sunrise.

  9. WOW I’ll be In Bali on January. This is very helpful! Awesome photos too. Thanks for this:)

  10. I am sold! Bali looks like a romantic place, indeed. I love the roof lines. And the pool at Seminyak is so inviting.

  11. I have been to Bali but after reading this post I think I missed a lot of cool places. This is very informative post and will have to plan a revisit now to cover all shared details. Will be checking with you on the booking packages as well. Great offers indeed !

  12. This is such a helpful giude as it opened my eyes to many different locations to explore. Often when we think of Bali, we think of just one destination. But it is great to know that each location has something different to offer. I would really love to stay and explore Seminyak though – heard many good things about it.

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  15. Bali is an amazing destination! It is def romantic with its dreamy beaches and picturesque landscapes. good list of hotspots.

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  18. Agness of Fit Travelling

    All of these suggestions are simply awesome and Bali is a truly picturesque travel destination. I’d especially love to visit Uluwatu Temple. How did you get there?

  19. Charity Valenzuela Marces

    Bali is undoubtedly one of the best to visit. Great beaches, and well-taken cared natural resources.

  20. Bali is definitely very romantic! I really like all the places you listed with the exception of Lovina.. I hope the locals will soon learn how the tours are endangering the dolphins there

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  23. Bali is lovely for sure. It was my first international holiday and I have great memories from there. I had lived at three different places- Sanur, Kuta and Nusa Dua and all of them have different and unique vibes.

  24. I am planning a trip to Bali in near future and hence reading a lot about it. And I totally agree with you – bali has it all that any tourist or traveler would look for. Stunning beaches, volcanic peaks, excellent treks, cycling treks, temples, nightlife, scuba diving and surfing, and what not. Just a perfect vacation destination

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