Kenny G making Delta Air lines Passengers Happy

Kenny G making Delta Air lines Passengers Happy

Kenny G making Delta Air lines Passengers Happy

Kenny G, the world-renowned saxophonist, used his smooth musical skills to help a few lucky Delta Air Lines passengers have the flight of a lifetime.

On Saturday, the musician provided a little in-flight entertainment on a trip from Tampa Bay to Los Angeles. And while the performance is cool to watch, the story behind it makes it all the more touching.

Flight attendants had asked passengers to help raise $1,000 for Delta G.O. Relay for Life on the intercom, ABC reported. They added that if they surpassed that goal on the the fight, the saxophone megastar would provide an impromptu performance.

It took passengers just five minutes to help raise more than $2,000 for the American Cancer Society via the Relay for Life initiative. And luckily for them, Kenny G is a man of his word.

Kenny G making Delta Air lines Passengers Happy
Kenny G making Delta Air lines Passengers Happy

Following the flight, Delta tweeted at the musician to thank him for his performance to which he simply responded, “happy to help!”

However, Kenny G’s performance wasn’t the first live show to delight on an airplane. In March 2016, members of the Milan-based Golden Swing Society put on a dance show in the aisle of a Ryanair flight while en route to Milan.

And in June 2015, the casts of “Milan” and “The Lion King” had an epic sing-off in the middle of LaGuardia Airport after both their flights were delayed.

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  1. Wow lovely I am just your permanant reader

  2. Great performance and gesture by Kenny G, awesome guy!

  3. Great article!!

  4. Musings of a tired mummy…zzz…

    Shows real talent and real popularity when celebs entertain the public for no profit

  5. Nice !

  6. Nice article. It would be really interesting to fly with live music on a plane.

  7. Wow, nice 🙂

  8. Prachi | Bachelor of Roaming

    This is really cool! Well written.. 😀

  9. I love this post and I love that Kenny G did that! I also love Kenny G! I wish more performers would perform impromptu like this.

  10. Haha this is awesome! Wish I was on that flight 🙂

  11. That’s really nice of him, good job. I’m sure the passengers had a great time.

  12. I love it when people come together and have fun and help a good cause! Kenny G seems like a great guy and I’m thrilled to see so much money was raised. Sounds like it would be a super fun flight to be on!

  13. This is so touching, what a lovely gesture! I wish I had been so lucky to have been on this flight!

  14. It is so lovely to read posts like this. It shows how much good and goodwill there is in the world despite all the terrible things that happen. Love the video you included also as it really gives a great feel for that great experience. A real feel-good moment.

  15. What a fun idea! Kenny G is from my hometown, so I always am curious what he’s up to. I love when artists use their fame to help raise money for worthy causes.

  16. A fun experience! Always great when someone is on the plane to lighten the mood and entertain everyone.
    When flying from Panama to Cuba the national Cuban track team was also on the plane. One of then had a guitar and started playing – lots of his fellow countrymen started singing along – a great start for my Cuba trip back then.

  17. that’s a great gesture. Must have been experience to fly with live music on in a flight. On the other thought, good to kill the time too 🙂

  18. Now this is a real blast from the past! I haven’t seen this guy in years, now I know where he is! I wouldn’t mind some entertainment on my flight!

  19. First of all you’ve got to congratulate the passengers for putting the money forward. What a performance by Kenny G and good he honored his word. If I took this flight, it would have been my best flight ever.

  20. Courtney from Antipodean Adventurer

    That’s actually so cool! I never even heard about this in the news or anything so thanks for sharing!

  21. His performance was fantastic! So sweet of him too to put on a show. I definitely would’ve wished I were on that plane!

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