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(11) Comments

  1. Vladimir

    Looks like I’m off to Bali.

  2. vinod verma

    Magic. I am planning to visit bali.

  3. Zel

    Wow! My result is Bali! I would love to visit Bali.

  4. Echoesofhervoice

    Cute quiz. I now have to plan a vacation to Bali!

  5. Natasha

    I got Bali! I will need to go¬

  6. Earths Pilgrim

    Bali for myself as well…….. here we go 🙂

  7. Travelling Dany

    Looks like I’ll be off to Bali too!

  8. Laura

    Bali!! Looks like your readership are very adventureous!

  9. Tobias

    Bali aswell, luckily enough its in my route 😉

  10. Clare C

    What an cool article! I also got Bali, so true I’ve wanted to go for ages!

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