Top Things To Do In Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka By Bev and Shams

Why is Sri Lanka the best country in the world you ask! well, Sri Lanka is a small island yet packed with so many things to see and do. This includes 8 UNESCO sites in the country. Any traveler visiting Sri Lanka will find such a variety of things to do here. This is why Sri Lanka is one of the best places to visit in the world. Here is a list of 8 diverse things to do in Sri Lanka:


Sri Lanka is covered with spectacular sandy beaches, with lovely cool waters. The beaches located on the south of the island are great for water sports, surfing and snorkeling. There are many quieter beaches along with Hikkaduwa which is better known for the party life and atmosphere. The west coast is a quieter location, but this has picked up since the war ended. The island is very tropical, but if the south coast monsoon season hits, why not head to the north-west to Trincomalee or Trinco for short for more beach action.

Top Things To Do in Sri Lanka

Nature lovers will enjoy visiting one of the many national parks dotted around the country. With large herds of elephants, buffalo, sambar deer, crocodiles, you may even spot a leopard. There are also many hundreds of different species of birds. Why go to Africa on safari when you can visit Sri Lanka and the many other sites in the country?

Top Things To Do in Sri Lanka

Ancient cities and ruins

There are hundreds of years of history in Sri Lanka, and what is left behind are the ancient ruins of old capital cities. Walking around these ruins really makes the feeling that we have gone back in time.  It is a great chance to learn the history of the country!

Top Things To Do In Sri Lanka

Religious churches, and temples

Religion is a big part of Sri Lankan life and culture, with the majority following Buddhism, then Islam and Christianity. Sri Lanka has many temples, kovils and churches. Adams Peak is an important pilgrimage site. In Buddhism, it is said this is where Lord Buddha’s footprint has been left on his way to paradise, in Christianity they say this where Adam first set foot on earth after he was cast away from heaven, but it is also known for where butterflies come here to die. So many interpretations of one place.

Top Things To Do In Sri Lanka

Dutch forts

The most famous fort in Sri Lanka, is Galle, as this can be seen in the background of any Sri Lankan match played in Galle. This was built by the Portuguese as a fortification, in which the Dutch took over and changed it to what you see now. Inside the fort, the remains of what once a town, with a church, a Dutch hospital which is now renovated into shops and restaurants, townhouses, an old governor’s residence and offices, and many more. Other Forts can be found surrounding the island, and not in such a good condition as Galle.

Top Things To Do in Sri Lanka


What a better way of seeing some of the country than by foot, there are some lovely locations such as Adam’s Peak, the Knuckles Ranges and Worlds End. Once reaching the summit the views can be incredible, you may even think you are no longer on earth.

Top Things To Do in Sri Lanka

Tea Plantations

Tea was brought in by the British, planted in the hill country, many people come here for the cooler climates and for the experience of the colonial era. If you are a tea lover then visiting tea plantations and tea factories give you a great opportunity to learn how they are made. In some tea plantations, you may even be able to pluck the tea and tea tasting. There is no better place to try this than the experts themselves.

Top Things To Do In Sri Lanka

The north of the country

The northern areas of Sri Lanka, seem so much different from the rest of the Island. The north is hiding some beautiful islands off the coast of Jaffna, along with an old Dutch fort, ancient relics, and religious temples and churches. Tourism in the area is slowly improving and one not to be skipped off the list of places to visit in Sri Lanka.

Top Things To Do In Sri Lanka

8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites

UNESCO has chosen some of the most amazing and various sites to be UNESCO, considering how small the island 8 is a large number. These world heritage sites are dotted over the country from Galle Fort in the south, Dambulla cave temples and Sigiriya in the centre of the island, the ancient cities of Polonnaruwa and Anuradhapura, to the Sri Pada, Horton Plains and Knuckles Range in the hill country.

This is why Sri Lanka is the best country in the world, and anyone planning to visit here will not be disappointed.

Top Things To Do In Sri Lanka

This Post is contributed by Bev & Shams:


Top Things To Do in Sri Lanka

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  1. This post is fabulous. I loved the pictures, I never thought about going to Sri Lanka but definitely adding it to my list 🙂

  2. Oh I love Sri Lanka so much! Have only been twice on visa runs for India, but am just dying to go back and spend a considerable amount of time in the country. I haven’t been to the north yet, and Jaffna in particular gives me itchy feet.

  3. Sri Lanka sounds and looks incredible. I have not made it there yet, but I’ll be adding it to my travel bucket list. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Just looking at your posts, I’d love to visit Sri Lanka. Eight UNESCO heritage sites in such a small country!! Wow!!
    Not to mention the beaches, temples, history and food.

  5. Great informative post. This is an ultimate guide to explore Sri Lanka. I will keep it for future reference. Thanks for sharing.

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