Thailand Tour Visa

Thailand Visa

Thailand Tour Visa Requirements for Pakistanis

  1. The applicant has to apply along with the documents mentioned below:

Thailand Tour Visa Requirements Documents

Two visa application forms duly filled in “Capital Letters” by the applicant 

Passport must be valid for minimum six months and must be valid for Thailand.

Reference letter from your present employer bearing your job position, duration of service and

salary / income please attach the requested letter on your company letterhead, your latest

Certificate of Membership of Chamber of Commerce, Certificate of National Tax Number (NTN)
and proof of company’s financial transactions over the past 6 months.

A photocopy of national ID card.

Two photocopies of passport (first four pages).

Two fresh passport-sized coloured photographs (3.5 x 4.5 cm).

A confirmed round trip ticket (stapled to the last page of the passport).

Your personal bank statement for the last 1 year with account maintenance certificate

A confirmed Hotel reservation.

In case of spouse provide Marriage Registration Certificate (MRC)

In case of family provide Family Registration Certificate (FRC)

More documents are required according to the purpose of travel. For more details, please see the
fee structure and visa categories mentioned in the website:

  1. foreigner, who intends to visit Thailand, must be in possession of minimum US$700 or equivalent
    amount in any other hard currencies at the time of entry. In case the passenger fails to prove his/her
    income status, he/she may be rejected and repatriated by the Thai Immigration.
  2. The applicant for Transit visa must acquire the visa of the country of destination prior to submission
    for visa application at the Royal Thai Embassy. In case no visa for the country of destination is
    required, the applicant must be supported by an air-ticket along with an invitation letter from a reliable
    firm or person confirming that the passage through Thailand to the country of destination has been
    arranged with all the documents mentioned above. 

  3. Visa processing can take from 10-15 days. 

5. The Royal Thai Embassy reserves the rights to process the application according to the Royal Thai
Government’s rules and regulations, and to issue or to reject any application without giving any reason.
The Royal Thai Embassy also has the right to request from the applicant additional document other
than those stated above to support his/her visa application at any time.

6.Documents once submitted will not be returned to the applicant.

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