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Top 10 Best Places To Go in Santorini

Top 10 Best Places To Go in Santorini
Santorini is one of the most beautiful Greek islands there is, and it’s somewhere that every adventure seeker must visit at least once. There are some things that can only be done in Santorini after all. Here are The Top 10 Best Places To Go in Santorini . Needless to say that if you didn’t do any of these, then you haven’t really visited this incredible island!

The Top 10 Best Places To Go in Santorini

1. Eat at Ammoudi

A nice little hike along the dusty roads to to the port of Ammoudi is worth the sweat.This is  where the epitome of  a romantic dinner as the sun disappears behind Thiraisa and you can see it for yourself from this idyllic spot.  Perfect spot to dine for all the seafood lovers!

The Top 10 Best Places To Go in Santorini

2. Watch the Sunset at the Oia Castle

The Oia castle may be the most well-known spot to watch the sunset but there’s more on offer if you know where to look. Fira, Firostefani, and Imerovigli also offer stunning views. If you want to watch the sunset with the whole island in view then head to Profitis Ilias, or go to Vlihada beach and see how the sun setting affects the volcanic scenery.

Oia Castle - The Top 10 Best Places To Go in Santorini 1

3. Take a trip to  the beach

Need a break from all the sightseeing? Head down to the beach to spend some quality time with your love one under the sun. Among the famous beaches are the Red Beach, Perissa  and Kamari.

The Top 10 Best Places To Go in Santorini4. Visit Museums

Take a trip to the Archaeological Museum of Thera and the Museum of Prehistoric Thera to experience the history of Santorini. The Museum of Prehistoric Thera houses bronze pottery, plaster furniture mouldings, and an impressive unique wild goat golden statuette, while the Archaeological Museum has a collection of sculptures and inscriptions up to the Roman Era.

Museum of Prehistoric Thera - The Top 10 Best Places To Go in Santorini 1

5. Visit Akrotiri

There’s nowhere quite like Akrotiri, which only recently opened back up to the public. Take a walk around the prehistoric city and see what Santorini looked like over 17,000 years ago for yourself.

6. Enjoy a Romantic Meal on the Rim of the Caldera

An elegant meal is the perfect complement for the wondrous feelings you get from the atmosphere and views of the Caldera. While there are many great restaurants outside of the Caldera, there’s no beating the feeling of eating at one of the most beautiful spots in the whole world.

Caldera - The Top 10 Best Places To Go in Santorini 1

7. Enjoy wine tastings at Pyrgos and Emporeio Village

What’s the point of looking into the heart of a volcano and watching the Caldera if you don’t feel it deep down in your heart? Chuck down a variety of wine at Pyrgos and Emporeio Village to feel the spirit of Santorini.

The Top 10 Best Places To Go in Santorini

8. Take a boat tour to the Volcano and Hot Springs

A mortal sin not to do in Santorini  is  to not experience the  famous boat tour.The entire boat tour consists  a tour around the crater of the volcano at Neo Kameni,and a relaxing thermal spa in  the hot springs at Paleia Kameni.

Hot Spring Palea Kameni - The Top 10 Best Places To Go in Santorini 1

9. Scuba Dive at Chios Island

Santorini offers a unique underwater experience that only a scuba diver could truly value. See the distinct ocean floor of Santorini including the volcanic stones and limitless depths of the Caldera. Take the chance to see it for yours while you can.

The Top 10 Best Places To Go in Santorini

10 Oia

The blue domes are the iconic part that make up Santorini. Simply taking a stroll around  this wonderful village is a dream come true to all. This where the best views of the island is best experienced.


Santorini is an incredible Greek island with plenty of things to see and do. Stay in a cave house, take a trip to the hot springs, see a volcano up close, take a trip back in time, all of this and more is possible in Santorini!

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The Top 10 Best Places To Go in Santorini

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    Would love to see Santorini someday. I was surprised to see so much aquatic life from the scuba dive in Chios Island. I would also love to take a volcano tour.

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